Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I so want that womans body! Hell at this point Ill settle for a size 8! Hahaha Ok so thats not why I bought the weights. I know enough about health and fitness to know that the more muscle you have the more calories you burn at rest. Unless you wanna gruel away 3 hours a day at the gym you gotta build some muscle. So I bought weights. We no longer have our gym memberships. Aside from the irritation of being pressure sold everytime we walked in the door, the times a week we actually got in the door was few and far in between cause there just isnt enough hours in the day to do everything and getting there was half the battle. LOL So shopping for a treadmill. Treadmills are freaking expensive. OMG 1-2k just for one that wont wobble on your. Seriously?! LOL Shouldnt be surpised but really I have bought used cars that cost less than a new high end treadmill. WOW! So here is my idea, Im a scrapper, and soon to be a knockout bodder too. HAHAHA yeah yeah I know keep dreaming! LOL Anyways I have been getting rather interested in this project 365 where you scrap you life for a whole year one week at a time. Well gonna scrap my fitness mission one week at a time and blog about it daily. Might start a new fad....hmmmm now if I can just get katie to take part.....

Friday, June 10, 2011

Nature of the Beast....

The world is obessed with money. Its all about the bottom line. At least that is what it seems to me anymore. Any of you would a customers of Just So Scrappy and/or crazy-4-Monograms knows that Katie and I offer some of the best designs online for the best prices anywhere and we do this cause money is not everything. We actually want you guys to be able to enjoy everything without having to break the bank. I think its wonderful that there are still people out there would share this mentality. That value the sentiment over the tangible and yet I am still frustrated when I find myself face to face with the beast of greed.
 I have a membership with Pure Fitness. Well now its LA Fitness since they have been bought out by them. And going back after a long absence I asked for an advertised monthly 2 free training session to be made available. At least one of these two anyways so that I could get a basic weight training routine set up. What followed was the next hour arguing with said trainer about why I dont need or want his 600 dollar training package and the gym was closed before I even had a chance to get any workout done.
Really? This is how it is now???? My frustration with that morally questionable behavior has had me hesitant to go back. Considering changing memberships to another company even. This is my rant. But I have to ask, those of you out there who have memberships with gyms, what is the norm from what you have experienced. Are there any out there who genuinely WANT you to succeed rather than just want you to spend as much as you can before landing yourself in a homeless shelter?
~frustrated and jaded

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Two hippy Chics!

Misty Allen (aka crazy-4-monograms)

Two Hip-py Chics is a blog started recently by Misty Allen and Katie Castillo. We are two friends seperated by a half dozen states who met online and have become great friends in the year and a half since. Though we have never met in person we work together (both designers) and are constantly on email and sharing inspirations and ideas with each other. Its amazing how the internet has changed the world. How someone miles and miles away can enter your life like this and change everything about it. We both constantly bemoan our sedentary situations that have led to a less than favorable physiche and as such decided to launch a fitness blog and document our mutual quest for a better body and healthier life. So Here is post 1. Now I just gotta kick Katie in the butt to make her intro! LOL

Starting up a fitness program is like quitting smoking. You can never really be successful unless you really honestly WANT to do it. So I found my heart so into it that last weekend with hubby and our lil guy we sought out a Vitamin Shoppe and I bought this Supplement that the clerk recommended called Fireball.
I bought this on Monday. I had already started going to the gym again Sat evening and Sunday morning. Both times for 15 minutes on the treadmill and both sessions felt like they were draining what little energy that I had left. Now I am not a believer in the whole diet mentality. Honestly the concept of self deprivation really puzzles me. Why exclude something from your life that is making you unhealthy for a certain period of time so that you can include it later only to return the the former problem all over again? Why not just limit everything instead of excluding anything. Gee.....moderation? What a concept! LOL So naturally diet pills seem about as rediculous to me as a diet itself. Noone takes one with the intention of doing so for the rest of their life. So why rely on one for any period of time if once you stop taking em you will return to your former problem again?
So I go into the Vitamin shoppe looking for something to improve energy, focus and suppress appetite so that I can get used to incorporation a healthier lifestyle without so much stress of fatigue and jonesing for a chocolate fix. My big bad vice is the carrot cakes and chocolate cakes just before bed. yeah I know bad bad bad! But yum yum yum! So Clerk suggests this one. I got home and did some research on it. Looking through forums of people who have used it and evalutated their experiences using this and was suprised to see that there was some really positive responses from it. There were a few people who had experienced neausea and hot flashes but given the high caffeine content that would happen to come not accustomed to caffeine which the clerk had warned me about. However since I can drink 5 cups of coffee and knock right out in 10 minutes I didnt anticipate this to be an issue for me. But just to be safe I got home, make a tuna sandwhich and downed one pill instead of the recommmended two and waited a half hour before getting behind the wheel to go to the gym incase anything hit. Nothing.
When I got to the gym I actually finished a good 25 minutes and felt like I could go another 30 easily. I was impressed. I had my ipad open on the treadmill reading a kindle book and it was fun actually. Tuesday I went at it for 45 minutes and felt really really good. I didnt have any cravings for sweets, the usual late night sweets never even entered my mind and I been sleeping really good. So we shall see how the rest of the months goes for me.
What about all your out there? What supplements have you tried? What did you think of them?