Friday, June 10, 2011

Nature of the Beast....

The world is obessed with money. Its all about the bottom line. At least that is what it seems to me anymore. Any of you would a customers of Just So Scrappy and/or crazy-4-Monograms knows that Katie and I offer some of the best designs online for the best prices anywhere and we do this cause money is not everything. We actually want you guys to be able to enjoy everything without having to break the bank. I think its wonderful that there are still people out there would share this mentality. That value the sentiment over the tangible and yet I am still frustrated when I find myself face to face with the beast of greed.
 I have a membership with Pure Fitness. Well now its LA Fitness since they have been bought out by them. And going back after a long absence I asked for an advertised monthly 2 free training session to be made available. At least one of these two anyways so that I could get a basic weight training routine set up. What followed was the next hour arguing with said trainer about why I dont need or want his 600 dollar training package and the gym was closed before I even had a chance to get any workout done.
Really? This is how it is now???? My frustration with that morally questionable behavior has had me hesitant to go back. Considering changing memberships to another company even. This is my rant. But I have to ask, those of you out there who have memberships with gyms, what is the norm from what you have experienced. Are there any out there who genuinely WANT you to succeed rather than just want you to spend as much as you can before landing yourself in a homeless shelter?
~frustrated and jaded

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